Whirlpool Europe

Whirlpool Europe SrL is a leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances. With 14,000 employees, a sales presence in over 30 European countries and manufacturing sites in seven countries, Whirlpool Europe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Whirlpool Corporation. Whirlpool’s European Operations’ Center is located in Comerio (VA), Italy. The company markets Whirlpool, Bauknecht, KitchenAid, Ignis, Polar, Laden in 12 Market Regions, consolidating 32 markets. Whirlpool Europe has manufacturing Centres in Sweden (Norrköping), Germany (Schorndorf), Poland (Wroclaw), Slovakia (Poprad), France (Amiens), Italy (Cassinetta, Naples, Trento) and South Africa (Ishitebe).

Whirlpool strongly believes in the power of brands and innovation to break out of an industry stalemate and challenge the market. Since 1989, Whirlpool Europe has invested more than 1.1 billion Euros in the development of its brands and the creation of innovative products that consumers are proud to own. This has proven to be a winning strategy and in just a few short years has allowed Whirlpool to become the number one brand in Europe (1996).

Whirlpool invests in innovation as a key strength and distinguishing factor with regard to the competition, placing Whirlpool in the vanguard and offering unique solutions that grant a competitive advantage and encourage consumers to choose Whirlpool products. Development at Whirlpool is driven by innovation at all stages, from design to the creation of new products, from marketing and sales strategies to supply and distribution processes.

Whirlpool Europe’s culture embracing values like sustainability, diversity and innovation is continuously seeking for better solutions for enhancing the energy efficiency of its products and innovative more sustainable technologies. In Italy, besides the managerial centre, Whirlpool Europe owns its Centre of Excellence for Research in Cassinetta, Italy, Milan district, employing more than one hundred international researchers and where the fellows will be based for carrying out the project. The Centre hosts the engineering team and two Product Development centers (1 for refrigeration and 1 for cooking products), a large Research and Engineering center with competences in the areas of Refrigeration, Electronic controls, Cooking, Washing Machines


University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is one of the top UK universities, with over 11,000 staff and 55,000 student  applications each year. The University boasts no fewer than 25 Nobel Prize winners amongst its current and former staff and students. In 2010, a Nobel Prize have been awarded in Physics to two Manchester Professors.

The School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science was rated the second top school in the UK in the last Government Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). Amongst the varied research carried out, the School houses the Sustainable Industrial Systems research group, led by Professor Adisa Azapagic, a world leading expert in LCA and sustainability assessments. The group developed the award-winning CCaLC LCA toohl. Professor Azapagic will be leading the work carried out by UNIMAN. Her research expertise relevant to this project is in development and application of different technology assessment methods, particularly, life cycle assessment (LCA) and sustainability assessment. She has currently the largest group in the UK working on life cycle thinking and LCA- related research, comprising 27 postdoctoral researchers and PhD students (

Professor Azapagic masterminded the CCaLC tool (, the development of which was funded by the UK Research Councils (EPSRC and NERC) and the Carbon Trust. Other projects relevant to this proposal include the EU co-ordination action on LCA (CALCAS, and the EU project on the development of tools for the emerging bio-technology sector (BIOCHEM; Professor Azapagic and her team work in close collaboration with industry and have collaborated with over 100 companies worldwide.


Whirlpool R&D S.r.l.

Whirlpool R&D S.r.l. is a subsidiary of Whirlpool Group – leading manufacturer and marketer of major household appliances – with 14,000 employees in Europe, a sales presence in more than 30 countries, production sites in seven countries and it is innovation driven.

Whirlpool’s culture embraces values like sustainability, diversity and innovation, and is continuously seeking better solutions for enhancing the resource efficiency of its products and innovative sustainable technologies.

Whirlpool R&D – an Italian company newly established with headquarters in Cassinetta of Biandronno (Va) – is the heart of research and development in Europe and it aims to increase the level of innovation and competitiveness of Whirlpool through activities of technological transfer and collaborative research initiatives at the national and international levels.

Whirlpool R&D aims to strengthen and extend this wealth of know-how with the new area of Advanced Development for all product groups (Refrigeration, Cooking and Washing Machines).

Whirlpool R&D is made up of about 80 specialized researchers engaged in research on materials, product engineering, technologies for storage and preparation of food and advanced electronics with a specific team responsible for funded research.


Scamm S.r.l.

Scamm were established in Bergamo in 1975, is specialized in the design and manufacturing of custom and special-purpose machinery for metal-forming processes.

The main services offered by Scamm are:

  •   Product co-design to optimize the production process and material usage
  •   FEM simulation for structural verification of tools and products
  •   Prototyping (hand made or soft tooling)
  •   In-house laboratory tests
  •  Tools, dies, machine and plant design and production
  •   Pre-series production
  •   Serial production start up

Complete manufacturing lines for the production of washing machines drums, tanks or full washing assemblies, panels for dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators, top loading drums, kitchen ovens, dishwasher tubs and assemblies represent a relevant part of SCAMM know how.

The production range is completed by roll forming machines, presses, transfer systems for any kind of need in steel plate forming field.

The experience made in different areas allows the company to operate on all types of usable raw material: from stainless steel to galvanized steel, from coils to pre-painted blanks.

This co-design activity leads to the realization of products with the best constructive and quality characteristics, through rational and economic production systems.

The design and construction of tools for steel plate forming is an historical activity for SCAMM.

Thanks to the support of its technical office, the company is able offer a service of design and manufacturing of single, step or transfer tools, starting from the drawing for the component to be produced.

The know-how, developed starting from the beginning of the ‘70s, has then become a complementary activity to the main one of machine manufacturing, but still is considered a key point for the company as specific oriented designers and a specialized laboratory dedicated to this brand can witness.